Dvd cabinet is a ‘great place to shop’ for new, expensive VHS releases, analyst says

The first batch of VHS and DVD releases are here, and they’re not for the faint of heart.

Dvd cabinet has become the home for all of the latest and greatest in home video, but it’s a little hard to pin down exactly what they are.

Discovery, for example, has a lot of VOD titles, including The Avengers, X-Men: First Class, and Guardians of the Galaxy, but some of its new releases don’t have a VOD release date yet.

The second-hand store in Vancouver, The Videogame Store, has an impressive selection of classic VHS, and it’s offering some good bargains too.

But some of the more recent VHS reissues are just too good not to try.

Here are five new releases that have hit the shelves since June, but they may not be available until mid-August or later.

Bubblegum Boy A teenage boy tries to be the next Bubbles but finds out that his life is about to get a lot more complicated when he gets stuck with the mysterious Bubbles of the past.

Penguins Are People The Penguin family is at odds over who should inherit the throne, but when the Queen dies, her son, Prince Aladdin, must assume the throne.

Jupiter Ascending This sequel to 2014’s Jupiter Ascending finds the young boy who grew up with the movie’s protagonist and a bunch of other people in a different planet.

Rio Bravo This new movie follows a young boy as he travels across the world as a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter.

Coraline This film from Japan features a young woman whose mother is the ruler of a mysterious island.

Mermaids and The Pirates of Penzance These films follow the adventures of a young damsel as she seeks to find her father and find out what her mysterious father wants with her.

Gravity This movie follows the adventures from a girl who must find her sister after being abducted by the Space Pirates.

Kamal and the Power of the Ocean A boy must survive an invasion of alien monsters and their queen by solving a mystery in the ocean.

Zombie Hunt The new movie from the creators of Zombieland finds a girl whose only goal is to find the mysterious zombie.

Narcos 2: The Animation The film adaptation of the classic 1990s series from the studio behind the cult hit ZombiU features a teenage girl with powers who must fight a horde of zombies to save her life.

Frozen Fever This animated film follows the teenage Elsa and her sister, Anna, who must save the kingdom of Arendelle from the evil Queen Elsa and the icy forces of the Winter Queen.

Black Mirror A teen discovers the power of her imagination and uses it to solve a murder case in a dystopian future.

Lights Out The TV show about an anthropomorphic dog who saves people from the night sky.

Inception A young boy with special abilities becomes a hero when he uses the power he learns in his school to defeat an enemy of a rival science club.

Aquaman The Aquaman series continues with a new Aquaman, who fights crime in the modern day.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars The upcoming Star Wars movie sees the young girl whose powers are called “The Force” take on an old nemesis who’s looking for the Jedi, but she’s not alone.

Guardians of the Universe 2: Prelude to Axion A space-faring team of space warriors led by the legendary Star-Lord and his team of Guardians fight to save the planet from a group of evil aliens.

Saga: The Last Hope Samantha Carter’s life is changed forever when she is selected as a princess and becomes the guardian of a mystical planet.

She and her family live on the planet where the princess was kidnapped, only to be confronted by a mysterious group of villains.

War of the Worlds A teenager is sent to an alien planet to prevent an invasion.

Wizard of Oz A wizard named Jimmy has a secret that may change his life forever.

Toys ‘R’ Us has been stocking a lot in the home video section lately, and this new toy line from Hasbro includes a lot that isn’t home video.

Mystery Shack is selling a lot these days of classic toys, but this line has a few new releases in the works.

It looks like you’re going to have to wait until August to pick up a new toy.

Superman: Batman and The Villains is the latest release from DC Entertainment, and will be hitting shelves sometime this summer.

There are lots of other releases from Hasbrouck and other studios coming out this year, but for

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